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MINORITY THREAT! [entries|friends|calendar]
fresh off the boat!

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Does anyone have any good examples of media bias? Link me, or post them here, or whatever. Go ahead and give your opinions if you want, too.

I need them for a Government assignment, and I figured some of you might have examples.

Hi, I'm Di! [05.27.05]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey, hey! I'm Di : bi-racial-->white and south korean, bi-sexual,swinger. Yup, I'm in the minority at my highschool. I found this community and thought it was great. So..since I'm not very good at writing these lil thingies, I just thought I'd put down the jist. *hugs to everyone*
<3 Di


Myspace ninjas [05.26.05]

NinjaXcoreCollapse )


[ mood | aggravated ]

President’s nominees:  Priscilla Owen, who has advanced her personal anti-choice views from her seat on the Texas Supreme Court; William Pryor, who has questioned the entire concept of the church/state separation; and Janice Rogers Brown, who has been continually hostile to civil rights.

this was in an e-mail i recieved today from rabbi saperstein, at the RAC (religious action center) and it really scares me...that these people are so closed minded and truly selfish. i guess because all three of these people oppose rights i believe are extremely neccessary. it's also interesting to know that people believe their religion is above another, where does that mind frame come from? how is it taught, and that one person is below another, i realize this has been around for thousands of years...its still just mind boggling....thoughts?



p.s. although this is old news and there was a fillibuster to stop them from being able to get elected...

jewish but not just for jews [05.23.05]

[ mood | chipper ]

hey you guys, i've really been feeling like a minority latelly because i wear one of those shalom bracelets, and a rubber one that says "stand strong for israel" and then one of the metal cuffs of someone killed by terrorists in israel, and people just tell me "G-D! your so jewish!" it gets kind of annoying...anyway the reason im posting is to show you guys a site that is set up by jews but its really great because they have a whole archive where they let you know whats going on in congress and the senate and what to e-mail/write letters to your congressman/senator about. its really influential and a great resource to stay in touch with whats happening over in that big house. the website is:  http://capwiz.com/rac/home/


hope ya'll are doing great,



Is this thing on? [05.23.05]

[ mood | relurking ]

I usually lurk over at negroclash, so I might as well lurk over here. howdy. minority. The way I speak and the way I look have never matched. I get grief from black people for refusing to put chemicals in my hair and love chingy and I get grief from white people for not living up to the stereotype du jour.

I'm a cultural loser baby, so why don't ya kill me. And for the record I don't give two shits. If loving indie rock is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

*resumes lurking*

P.S. I'm roobysoho because some evil squatter bitchmonsters took rubysoho and ruby_soho. I hate name squatters. they should be flogged. neither of the fuckers has posted in like YEARS.


New [05.15.05]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello there I'm Chanel, there's not much to say about me. I'm black, but me and my friends consider me asian now, heh, it's an inside joke. If you want to know more just go to http://www.myspace.com/n3tw0rk it's better to just look then tell. =D



what kind of shit is this! [05.12.05]

[ mood | disappointed ]



Attention Georgians... [05.09.05]

Is there anyone in the hinesville/savannah/hilton head area? In georgia at all? Hinesville sux and I wanna meet people. I'm 21 year old student and an Independent Beauty Consultant on the side. I like music and hanging out with live people.

Free the slaves of today [05.09.05]

i know i always post things about jewish people, and although i found this through a jewish organization its something i feel very strongly about: freeing slaves. there are slaves all over the world today. 27 million, give or take a few. i am asking all of you to please call, fax or e-mail the white house they already have a sudan peace pact and it looks like we need one in darfur and CAN get it. pelase all of you i beg you please call. especially the jews please, i reach out to you. we used to be enslaved and its our responsibility to stop the slavery of today.

"Urge Your Members of Congress to Pass the Darfur Accountability Act of 2005
Violence continues in the western region of Darfur. Government-supported Arab militias—collectively known as “Janjaweed”—continue to attack the civilian populations of the Fur, Masaalit, and Zaghawa communities in the Darfur region. Villages and towns are being bombed and scorched, water sources and food stores are being destroyed, and civilians are being systematically targeted for mass killings, rape, and ethnic cleansing. The countryside is now emptied of its original Masaalit and Fur inhabitants. Livestock, food stores, wells and pumps, blankets and clothing have been looted or destroyed. 350,000 civilians have lost their lives in the camps alone; over 2 million civilians have been internally displaced; and over 200,000 have fled to neighboring Chad. 35,000 civilians continue to die each month.

There is new legislation in the House and the Senate to address this crisis – The Darfur Accountability Act of 2005 (S.495 and H.R.1424). These two bills would impose targeted sanctions, seek international justice for perpetrators of the genocide, and support more troops (African Union, UN, or NATO) on the ground in Darfur to protect civilians. We are also pleased to learn of the passage of two new UN Security Council Resolutions – one imposing limited sanctions and another resolution referring war criminals from Sudan to the International Criminal Court. Realizing that this is only the beginning of what needs to be done, the Reform Movement continues to push the President, State Department, and the United Nations Security Council to follow through on their commitments to Sudan.

***Action Needed***

In emails, phone calls, and faxes, please urge your Members of Congress to address the needs of the Sudanese people by voting for the Darfur Accountability Act of 2005. To reach your Members of Congress, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121. To send email using our Legislative Action Center, click here. "


thanks in advance,

Question: [05.09.05]

[ mood | curious ]

So i've just finished reading Tricks and Treats, a book that is a compilation of essays all written by prostitutes and those that work in the sex industry. It's a very interesting book from a perspective you don't get to hear everyday. The writers talk about how in American society you're not supposed to talk about what turns you on, what gets you hot; you're supposed to repress those urges that are deemed as "perverted". They talk about how prostitutes are in a way therapists; in where the customer pays them to talk to them, pays them to be what s/he wants them to be so that they can live our their fantasy.

Anyways, question being:

What are your views on prostitution and the sex industry?

Do you think it degrades women? Do you think it should legalized? Do you think America is too conservative in its views on sex and sexuality? Sex Workers Union, perhaps? Prostitution being the only business that openly allows to transgender men and women. Anyways, comment!


In honor of Mother's Day... [05.08.05]

[ mood | awake ]

What are all of you guys doing for the mom(s) in your life?



Minority Scenesterkids Unite!

Vote a 10 for my picture on a Jones soda bottle!

yom hashoah [05.05.05]



very interesting and it'll send chills up your spine



the tears begin to flow as i prepare myself for tomorrow. yom hashoah. a day to remember 6 million jews that were murdered. and more than that of minorities murdered including gypsies, homosexuals and those disabled. remember it and teach it to your children and your children's children


[ mood | productive ]

So, this might be my first or second time posting. I am currently writing my research/final paper for English and it has to deal with social injustices. I picked the topic of gays in the army, and how I believe the "don't ask, don't tell" plociy is wrong. Cause it is basically banning gays from being in the armed forces. It is like telling a black people they can be black, but don't tell anyone. The policy is very contradictory as well. They will keep gays in the time of war, but as soon as peacetime comes around the discharge them. The sames rules that apply to homosexual soldiers don't apply to heterosexual soldiers. I was just wondering if anyone had any viewpoints or insight that perhaps I could use or would just like to share?



[ mood | awake ]

why is this community turning belly up?

i know they're are more minorities out there, speak up, one voice can't do it alone.



it's hitlers birthday and the aniversary of the columbine shooting and the oklahoma bombing.

promotion [04.12.05]

i hope this is allowedCollapse )

MC's - Replace Acronym with the MC in McDonalds? [04.01.05]


McDonalds is luring in its latest victim. As expected of a billion dollar corporation, they continue to exploit the dignity and lives of womn and other minorities to help promote antibiotic infested products/bad nutrition, complacency and "convienience" not truthseeking- through their senseless slaughter game. And now it's landed into the realm of an expressive culture, originally built on awareness and collectively fighting for justice, not the world of competition. One obstacle after another, rap culture continues to fall into yet another identity...

Return of the Mac' - coming soon

McDonald's has offered to pay top hip hop artists to incorporate the 'Big Mac' into their song lyrics. According to Advertising Age magazine, the fast food chain will pay rappers up to 2.80 ($5) every time a song namechecking the burger is played.

McDonald's said the US deal reflected the appeal of hip hop to young people. However, critics said the tie-up was "deceptive" given that the songs would appeal to children, for whom obesity levels have become a major concern.

Food for thought

A whole string of products has enjoyed huge success in the United States after rappers started dropping brand names into songs - although not for marketing purposes but bling boasting. Among the happy beneficiaries were brands like Courvoisier, Gucci, Dom Perignon, Bentley and Porsche. Artists who have 'referenced' well-known products include Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. Each McDonald's market has the freedom to design programmes that best resonate with customers Walt Riker, McDonald's Advertising Age said that McDonald's would not pay an artist upfront but that they would be rewarded based on the airplay songs received in the United States.

The company will have the final say over the appropriate lyrics but the singers will retain artistic control over how they are incorporated into the track.

McDonalds said the initiative was in line with its 2003 global marketing campaign aimed at 18-34 year olds, which launched the slogan 'I'm loving it'.

"Each McDonald's market has the freedom within the 'I'm lovin' it framework' to design programmes that best resonate with customers, in this case a McDonald's USA concept designed to reach young adults through their music of choice," said spokesman Walt Riker. "How it develops remains to be seen."

'Lip service'

The marketing plan was criticised by some consumer groups, which claimed that children would not be aware that the artists had been paid to promote the burger. "Even as food companies pay lip service to the idea of responsible marketing, they increasingly turn to new and deceitful ways of targeting children," said Dr Susan Linn, co-founder of US group Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.

McDonald's and other fast food chains have faced criticism that they are helping to fuel an obesity epidemic, particularly among children. The US company has taken steps to diversify its menu, offering a wider choice of salads and fruit. It is also giving more nutritional information to customers and promoting a "balanced lifestyle" in some of its marketing.

*I'm sorry, but if someone would rather go to their local fast food restaurant to buy an apple...(well,you get the idea)

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