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The MAIZ Chronicles

**I hope this is appropriate to post here. I figured that there might be some interest in this project. I am posting this for a friend who is not in this community, so if you have any questions email her, donàt leave them in a comment.**

The MAIZ Chronicles
I've recieved a few great entries, but I still need your input-I've extended the deadline to August 1st so if you're planning on sending anything in please let me know.
What to send in?
stories, articles, artwork, relevant zine and book reviews, commentaries and more.
MAIZ-Mujeres Artistas/Activistas Insurgentes y Zine-istas
(women, artists, activists, insurgents and zinesters)

Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of the The MAIZ Chronicles. This is an invitation to be part of the zine. If you are a mujer(women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please contact me at
*This comp zine is accepting submissions from all women of color, not only Latinas and Chicanas.

There is no theme but we would like to publish pieces from unique perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of colors- - issues that are hardly covered in zines.
Submissions can be in any language, providing translation.
Let me know if you would like to help by passing out flyers, layout, submissions, or including the call out in your zine, message board or your friends and students. Anyone can help out with the process.
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