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Demonstrators gather outside council chambers to support, protest immigration plan.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this: 
Tezcalipoca was arrested on suspicion of disrupting the council meeting and obstructing a police officer. Police said that he would be released Tuesday night and that he promised to appear in court.

Some said Tezcalipoca was treated unfairly.

Theresa Dang, a friend of Tezcalipoca, said video of the meeting will show that Tezcalipoca's three minutes of speaking time wasn't up and that the arrest was unnecessary....

Supporters of Costa Mesa's plan say it will only target criminals who have broken the law, but opponents fear it will lead to racial profiling and enforcement will be aimed largely at Costa Mesa's Latino community. Those arguments were raised Tuesday, and speakers on both sides of the issue said what Costa Mesa does will be watched around the country...

How can the community reach a middle ground about plans to have police enforce immigration law? Call our Readers Hotline at (714) 966-4664 or send e-mail to Please spell your name and tell us your hometown and phone numbers for verification purposes only.
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