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Akha is one of the Hill Tribes in Thailand/Myanmar region. “Akha” originated in Mon Tong Guay Joaw and Mon Ton, Yunnan China. They roam to Chiang Dung, Burma. Several families moved further into Laos and Northern Thailand.

The Akha lifestyle is based on their agricultural system, which means they work extremely hard in the fields, spending more time there than with their families. Some Akha converted from Animism to Impaled Nazarene’s famous religious brand but still they praise ghosts and perform pagan ceremonies.

The swing ceremony embarks on with a day of fasting, followed on the second day by the erection of a gargantuan swing comprised of four recently cut trees planted into the ground at the highest point in the village and yoked together at the top. Definitely, one of the most incredible highlights at the swing ceremony is watching the high-wire act of two barefoot Akha men 10 meters up in the trees tethering them together.

Akha settlements are generally big, with 30 or more households comprising of numerous clans. Akha villages are often situated on the peak of the mountain in an effort to stay away from the sicknesses associated with the moister close to the waterway. An Akha tale: Akha was the eldest in the family unit and followed their younger siblings into the new territory. The Akha let the younger siblings, Lisu, Lafvu and other Hill Tribes select where they desired to reside, naturally selecting lower lands. The Akha, the eldest, gave up their pick for their siblings and ended up living on the peak of the mountains. The most imperative leader in an Akha village is the Spiritual Chiefs (Djew maa and Djew ya), as the life of Akha orbit around their families, further privileged villages including the Traditional Village Chief chosen by the village elders, and the female Spiritual Leader...

The Akha residence is a strange bamboo establishment, roofed with cogon grass. The house is built on stilts and the living section is divided for both sexes respectfully. .The lovely Akha fairy tale is about demigod called "Apermiyeh" - the word Aper translating to "ancestor" or "God". Akha believe that Apermiyeh created the first human. I believe the first human was created by Loki. Loki and Apermiyeh is one entity. Myanmar Mike was created by more vicious god. I telling you for sure.

The MAIZ Chronicles

**I hope this is appropriate to post here. I figured that there might be some interest in this project. I am posting this for a friend who is not in this community, so if you have any questions email her, donàt leave them in a comment.**

The MAIZ Chronicles
I've recieved a few great entries, but I still need your input-I've extended the deadline to August 1st so if you're planning on sending anything in please let me know.
What to send in?
stories, articles, artwork, relevant zine and book reviews, commentaries and more.
MAIZ-Mujeres Artistas/Activistas Insurgentes y Zine-istas
(women, artists, activists, insurgents and zinesters)

Submissions are being accepted for the first issue of the The MAIZ Chronicles. This is an invitation to be part of the zine. If you are a mujer(women of color) and would like to submit to the zine, please contact me at
*This comp zine is accepting submissions from all women of color, not only Latinas and Chicanas.

There is no theme but we would like to publish pieces from unique perspectives by mujeres on issues concerning mujeres and folks of colors- - issues that are hardly covered in zines.
Submissions can be in any language, providing translation.
Let me know if you would like to help by passing out flyers, layout, submissions, or including the call out in your zine, message board or your friends and students. Anyone can help out with the process.

It's happening again. They need help!


At 5:55 am this morning, Thursday, April 20th, over 150 heavily armed Ontario Provincial Police with Native mercenaries as body shields, invaded Six Nations land. Some carrying M-16's, in riot gear. 6th line is still open. The Rotinoshon'no are not fighting. Tear gas has been thrownat them. Some were pepper sprayed. The traitors are the same kind of people who stabbed Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and those who fought for our sovereignty and our lives.

One bridge to the property has been vclosed.

Witnesses required. This will not be on the national news. Go there and see what is going on. This is a scary precedent. Take pictures. Make reports. Let the world know. report. REPORT. REPORT. Help the people so no one gets hurt. we never wanted violence. Canada has opened to the door to covert stAte violence on a scale that is unprecedent in Canada. This si the end of any pretense of negotiation with Indigenous people. Canada came in with armaments, guns, paddy wagons (we dont know what's in there).

Don't let Canada become another Chile. Tell the world. The Rotino'shon:we were on our own land.

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i am looking for other arab zinesters.

are you arab? do you write a zine? if yes, i want to talk to you!

why: because there is an arab-american museum in dearborn, mi, and it is amazing. they have a library, and i wanted to approach them about housing zines written by arabs in their library. i'd like to have more to bring to them than just my own zine.

please email me! and feel free to repost this anywhere and everywhere!

Take Action: National Call-in Day for Darfur


Take Action: National Call-in Day for Darfur
Join thousands around the country in a National Call-In Day for Darfur on Wednesday March 15

On Wednesday, March 15, the House will be voting on an amendment offered by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) to add $100 million for African Union peacekeepers in Darfur within the FY06 supplemental spending bill. This funding is all the more essential in light of last week's decision by the African Union to extend its mission in Darfur for six months, rather than turn over peacekeeping duties to the United Nations.

The Sudanese government and government-backed militias known as Janjaweed continue to attack the civilian populations in Darfur, Sudan. Villages and towns are being bombed and scorche
d, water sources and food stores are being destroyed, and civilians are being systematically targeted for mass killings, rape, and ethnic cleansing. The countryside is now emptied of its original Masaalit and Fur inhabitants. Livestock, food stores, wells and pumps, blankets and clothing have been looted or destroyed. As many as 400,000 civilians have lost their lives and nearly 2 million civilians have been displaced. 5,000 additional civilians die each month due to disease, malnutrition and continued attacks by the Janjaweed.

>Take Action
On Wednesday, March 15, join a national call-in day! Phone your Representative and urge him or her to support an amendment by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to add $100 million for African Union peacekeepers in Darfur within the FY06 supplemental spending bill. Now it is time for the House to act. To reach your Representative, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121or visit our Legislative Action Center for talking points on Darfur and to login feedback from your call. For more information, please contact Legislative Assistant Sarah Burrows at 202.387.2800.
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i know this comm's kind of dying, but i know that this is a place where i can post this.

so there's a guy in Nevada named Art Bell who is spreading hate mail against filipinos. and i'm a filipina and proud of it.

he goes on saying how nothing good has come from the Phillipines and how we can't relate to anything Asian. and i don't mean to sound stereotypical about asians or anything, but honestly, the stereotype that all asians are smart? hi, i have a 3.3 gpa, don't tell me that i'm not asian.

oh i'm sorry, are asians only considered those who come from the technologically advanced countries?

Demonstrators gather outside council chambers to support, protest immigration plan.

I'd like to know your thoughts on this: 
Tezcalipoca was arrested on suspicion of disrupting the council meeting and obstructing a police officer. Police said that he would be released Tuesday night and that he promised to appear in court.

Some said Tezcalipoca was treated unfairly.

Theresa Dang, a friend of Tezcalipoca, said video of the meeting will show that Tezcalipoca's three minutes of speaking time wasn't up and that the arrest was unnecessary....

Supporters of Costa Mesa's plan say it will only target criminals who have broken the law, but opponents fear it will lead to racial profiling and enforcement will be aimed largely at Costa Mesa's Latino community. Those arguments were raised Tuesday, and speakers on both sides of the issue said what Costa Mesa does will be watched around the country...

How can the community reach a middle ground about plans to have police enforce immigration law? Call our Readers Hotline at (714) 966-4664 or send e-mail to Please spell your name and tell us your hometown and phone numbers for verification purposes only.
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